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Diesel Parts and Service
Brake and Air System Parts

All of our valves are original Bendix.  In the transportation industry, Bendix has established itself as a mnaufacturer of superior quality components.  Valves are available new or remanufactured.  Examples of the types of valves we can supply are as follows:
 PR-2 Pressure Protection Valve
QR-1 Quick Release Valve
TR-2 Inversion Valve
E-10 Dual Brake Valve
R-6 Relay Valve
R-8 Relay Valve
In addition we can supply Euclid and Midland as special order items.


Air Compressors
Tu-Flo 500 through 750 available rebuilt for exchange.  Drive hub installed.  Complete with plugs.  Must specify application.
Order #289915R (Aluminum Rods)  $425.00 exchange with buildable core


D2 Governors
Pressure setting range is usually set between 100 and 120 psi and is adjustable.  Includes plugs for unused ports.  New and remanufactured.  Standard and high temp models are available.  Governor on left in picture is new "mini-governor".  It is shown with a standard size governor.
Order #275491RM  Governor  $29.00


Brake Shoe Rollers & Anchor Pins
Standard and oversize brake rollers in stock.  Anchor pins in a variety of sizes are also in stock.  Specify application and wheel position when ordering.
Order #4C19  Roller  $3.13


Brake Chambers
This chamber is new and kept in stock for immediate installation.  Multiple sizes of diaphragms are also in stock including type 12, 24, 30. and 36.  Call for prices.
Order #5007132  30/30 Brake Chamber  $62.05

Diesel Parts and Service
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