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Diesel Parts and Service
Air Conditioning

One Stop Shopping!!
Call us today for all your supplies for your air conditioning repair.  In addition to compressors and expansion valves, we have a complete inventory of hoses and fittings, driers, 12 and 24 volt coils and clutch assemblies, refrigerants and refrigerant oils. Speak with one of our technicians today about converting your system to the current 134a. 


Air Conditioning Compressors
Rebuilt compressors in both Sandin and Tecumseh.  Installed and put into service including evacuating system and recharging with the appropriate oil and refrigerant.  Call for pricing and availability.


Expansion Valves
A variety of styles of expansion valves are available and in stock.  Specify application.
Order #71R8300  Expansion Valve  $28.57 

Diesel Parts and Service
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