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Diesel Parts and Service
Lighting and Electrical

In stock and available for immediate shipment are items such as battery cable and terminals, lighting products and a wide range of electrical items.  Contact us for availability and pricing.

Circuit Breakers
Automatic reset and manual reset circuit breakers.  A variety of amperages from 5 to 175 amps, and styles are in stock.
Order #54-225  20 amp - 12 Volt   $2.35

Toggle Switches
Two and three position toggle switches and original rocker style switches. 5-40 amps.
Order #73075  15 amp   $2.93

Solid state flashers, both 12 and 24 Volt.  Solid state, very heavy duty for a multitude of lights.
Order #575  12 Volt   $6.42

AGC, ATO, GBC and in-line fuses. 1 to 160 amp.
Order #1911426  10 amp glass    $.64

Standard and halogen replacement bulbs.  Available in both 12 and 24 volt.  See this months special on Halogen headlights.
Order #6014  12 Volt headlight   $8.57

Mini Bulbs
Bulbs are in stock for dash panels, clearance lights and rear lights.  12 and 24 volt. We have a complete inventory of mini bulbs.
Order #1156  Mini bulb   $.47

Battery Cable and Primary Wire
Available in 22 gauge wire through 3/0 cable.  Primary wire is available in 6 basic colors.
Order #11181  18 Gauge Primary Wire  $.05/foot

Battery Terminal Ends
Terminal ends in a variety of cable and ring sizes, in addition to different angles. 
Order #909245  3/0 Positive Terminal End   $3.85

Diesel Parts and Service
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